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Our Story

We are David and Deanna Brady, owners of Evresot Interior.  We enjoy creating, making, or finding unique, beautiful and/or hard to find items so that you can make your home fit YOU.

We have been buying and selling homes and condos as flips, long term rentals, and vacation rentals.  Professionally, David is a real estate broker and property manager and Deanna is a real estate agent and certified interior decorator. As a hobby, we love to travel all over the United States and the world with our family of four young children.  As we travel, we notice so many unique items for the home, including beloved antiques. These travels and our discoveries along with our work in real estate helped to inspire our shop, Evresot Interior.

Our life has changed dramatically through this business and we thank you for your support. Our name "Evresot" is actually "To Serve" in a very complex code! Props to any who can break the code. <wink, wink> We chose this name because of what we keep at the root of our business... or rather, who is at the root. God. Jesus. We first felt God prompt us to create the business, and we did. Since then, and under God's undeniable direction, we have moved from working in the garage of our tract home in well-known urban Las Vegas, NV to our workshop on a farm in small rural Watertown, TN -- making a world of difference for our family. God is in the details and we invite you to find Him too (and tell us where you notice Him in your life, we'd love to hear). While we aim to serve God in our every action and continuously draw near to Him, we know it is through loving one another that He most often blesses us. Having God's blessings has enabled us to share much good with others temporally, emotionally, and spiritually in His name.

We don't yet know exactly where God will take us on our Evresot journey, but for the time being it's about helping you make your house a home -- for a home is where the future starts. And this is a way we know how to help.

Our goal is to serve and delight you in a field that develops and delights us.  Our shop builds and crafts many of the items we sell; and the other items we get from small business owners, craftsmen and shops mostly throughout the United States.  We strive to offer our customers unique and high-quality items while also supporting those small businesses or individuals who make products that we do not.

Keep your eye out for what might fit your home!

God bless.

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Evresot Interior

Our Latest Flip

Our hand in anything real estate started with house flipping.
This home went from $130k value to $250k with this flip.

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A 60's Ranch House

This house was built in the 60's and our friends' parent's grew up right here! Times have changed since the 60's, however, and updates through this neighborhood are becoming a necessity.
What hasn't changed is that the neighborhood is still full of wonderful people. They were so kind and are quite the social bunch; continuously expressing appreciation for our renovation on this particular home.

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Kitchen Island
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